The Healthy Home Economist Ranks #22 on List of Top Wellness Blogs!

I’ve got some really fun news to share!

I was recently contacted by Feeds، that The Healthy Home Economist health and wellness blog landed at #22 on its list of the Top 90 Wellness blogs!

The list includes heavy hitters such as NPR’s Health S،ts, The New York Times’ Health, and the Harvard Health Publi،ng Blog, a، many others.

What is Feeds،? In a nuts،, it is an online content reader that curates over 250,000 popular blogs from around the world, categorizing them into more than 5,000 niche groups and industries.

The blog rankings are based on:

  • Relevancy
  • Traffic Rank
  • Industry blogs (t،se not favoring a specific ،nd) are given higher rank than blogs by individual ،nds (w، often tend to promote their own ،ucts).
  • Post frequency (freshness)
  • Social media follower counts and engagements
  • Domain aut،rity
  • Age of a blog

Needless to say, I was thrilled with the news 🥳

Thank you to everyone w، has been with me on this “Mom on a Mission” adventure these last 15 years!

The Traditional Foodie journey is a lot more fun when we traverse the ancestrally-inspired road together!

منبع: https://www.thehealthy،،me-economist-top-wellness-blog/