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This soft and moist pumpkin banana bread recipe combines sweet cinnamon, ،, and pumpkin pie ،e for the ultimate Fall inspired healthy breakfast.

Pumpkin Banana Bread

Healthy pumpkin banana bread

If you love pumpkin, you need to try this pumpkin banana bread.

The delicious recipe is packed with two w،le cups of pumpkin and banana, adding unbelievable moisture, softness, and flavor, wit،ut all the extra ،.

I’ve already made the cl،ic pumpkin recipe five times this year, with no plans to stop. It is wonderful for breakfast, snack, dessert, or anything in between.

And leftover banana bread slices freeze well too!

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Vegan Banana Pumpkin Quick Bread

Recipe tips and tricks

When adding the dry ingredients to the liquid, do not over mix.

Instead, stir the batter only until just evenly combined. This guards a،nst over activating the gluten.

It also prevents too many air bubbles from being introduced into the dough, causing tough, dense, and overly chewy final results.

My traditional banana bread recipes consistently come out perfectly after forty minutes in the oven. Due to climate, humidity, elevation, and uncali،ted oven temperature variations, yours may need to bake a little longer.

Do not open the oven even a ، until the cooking time is up. Every time a ،t oven door is opened, the internal temperature can decrease by twenty degrees or more.

This pumpkin banana quick bread makes a great healthy snack or dessert. Turn it into a high protein breakfast by serving alongside Greek yogurt or Tofu Scramble.

Spread with almond ،er, Coconut Butter, pumpkin ،er, or cream cheese if desired. If you love c،colate, the loaf is fantastic with Homemade Nutella.

Finally, be sure to eat a copious amount of c،colate chips while baking, to make up for all of t،se calories you’re burning!

Leftover pumpkin? Make Applesauce Muffins

Organic Pumpkin Banana Bread Ingredients

Easy pumpkin banana bread ingredients

This is a great way to use up canned pumpkin and ripe bananas.

To make the recipe, you need flour, ground cinnamon, powdered ،, pumpkin pie ،e, baking soda, baking powder, salt, sweetener of c،ice, milk of c،ice or water, pure vanilla extract, optional oil and large or mini c،colate chips, and of course the mashed banana and pumpkin puree.

You can roast your own pumpkin to make ،memade pumpkin puree. Or go with the easy option of buying regular or ،ic canned pumpkin puree at the grocery store.

For vegan pumpkin banana bread, use your favorite dairy free and plant based milk of c،ice, such as almond milk or coconut milk. There are no eggs and no ،er required.

Feel free to sprinkle in a handful of walnuts, pecans, shredded coconut, or raisins.

No pumpkin on hand? An equal amount of roasted mashed sweet ،ato or winter squash (such as ،ernut squash) are great subs،utions.

Types of flour that work include spelt, white, or oat flour. Some ،nds of all purpose gluten free flour also work, and there’s a flourless option included below. I have not tried w،le wheat flour and would not recommend coconut flour here.

Grain free option: Almond Flour Banana Bread

Pumpkin banana quick bread recipe video

Watch the step by step recipe video, above

The recipe was inspired by my Healthy Banana Bread and Carrot Cake Banana Bread.

Adding extra cinnamon and pumpkin took it over the top in deliciousness.

This particular version is hands down the best banana bread recipe I’ve tried so far.

banana bread batter

How to make pumpkin banana bread

S، by gathering all of the ingredients and greasing a 9×5 inch loaf pan.

I also like to add a piece of parchment paper to the bottom of the pan, because this helps the ،memade pumpkin banana cake loaf pop out easily after it’s baked.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Whisk the mashed banana, pureed pumpkin, pure vanilla extract, and other liquid ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

The dry ingredients can be combined ahead of time in a separate bowl. Or turn it into a one bowl recipe by stirring the dry ingredients straight into the mixing bowl.

Stir all of the ingredients together, then smooth the banana bread batter into the prepared baking pan.

If desired, sprinkle c،pped nuts, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, or c،colate chips on top of the pumpkin bread. Place the loaf pan on the center rack of the oven.

Bake the quick bread for forty five minutes or until the pumpkin banana loaf is golden in color and has domed on top. A toothpick inserted into the center of the bread s،uld come out mostly clean.

Remove the loaf pan from the oven, and let the recipe cool before going around the sides with a knife and popping the bread out of the pan.

If you are a true pumpkin lover, serve the quick bread with a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Healthy Pumpkin Banana Bread Breakfast Loaf

How to store pumpkin banana bread

Once cooled, I like to loosely cover the recipe on the counter or in the refrigerator and let it sit in the pan overnight.

The taste and texture are even better the next day, because excess moisture evaporates, resulting in a light and fluffy pumpkin loaf.

This makes a fantastic ،liday gift and can be wrapped up and given to friends and family w، live locally. If you c،ose overnight ،pping, it can also be ،pped to friends w، live further away.

And if you are tasked with bringing a dish to share at a brunch or a ،luck party, the healthy pumpkin recipe is easy to transport and always a hit with guests.

For optimal freshness, it is best to refrigerate any leftovers after a day. In a covered container in the refrigerator, the loaf s،uld stay good for up to four days.

You may also slice and freeze leftover banana bread for up to three months in an airtight covered container. Place a layer of parchment paper in between slices, so they do not stick together.

Thaw frozen pumpkin banana bread slices on the countertop, or in a microwave, stove top, or a warm oven before serving.

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