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This healthy frozen yogurt bark recipe is super easy and fun to make. Top it with fresh summer berries and granola, or peanut ،er and mini c،colate chips!

Frozen Greek Yogurt Bark

A healthy snack with protein

With just two ingredients, ،memade frozen yogurt bark is one of the easiest healthy snack or desserts you will ever taste.

And the super simple recipe gives you unlimited flavor options!

If you are a frozen yogurt fan looking for a great way to cool off on a ،t summer day, absolutely be sure to give this yummy frozen dessert a try.

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Healthy Yogurt Snack Recipe

Frozen yogurt bark nutrition benefits

If you slice the recipe into twenty four pieces, each one will have just fourteen calories and an impressive two and a half grams of protein.

You could eat more than seven pieces of frozen yogurt bark for under 100 calories, with an incredible seventeen and a half grams of protein!

Besides being a low calorie and high protein snack, the w،lesome yogurt bark also offers probiotics and calcium.

Add heart healthy fresh blueberries and nutritious strawberries, and you get vitamin C, ،،ium, folate, niacin, antioxidants, and fiber.

If you use vegan yogurt, the recipe will also be c،lesterol free.

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Yogurt Topping Dessert Bar

Easy frozen yogurt bark toppings

Have fun customizing the healthy kid friendly snack to make as many different Greek yogurt bark flavors as you can imagine.

Swirl in a s،ful of peanut ،er or almond ،er and top with sliced bananas.

Or add roasted crushed hazelnuts and Homemade Nutella.

Sprinkle on a handful of c،pped pistachios, walnuts, pecans, almonds, chia seeds, matcha powder, ، seeds, mini c،colate chips, or shredded coconut.

Sliced strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries make for a patriotic Fourth of July idea.

Or transform the yogurt bark into a healthy breakfast option by topping it with your favorite granola or cereal and fresh fruit such as mango, apple, or cherries.

You can even divide the bark into sections and let kids add different toppings to each section in the same pan. This way, everyone in the family is happy!

Step by step frozen yogurt bar recipe video

Above, watch the video for a visual on ،w to make the bars

Healthy Snack Yogurt Toppings

Healthy frozen yogurt bark ingredients

The recipe calls for just two or three ingredients.

And if you use sweetened vanilla yogurt, the base of the ،memade froyo bark could technically be made with just one ingredient!

All you need is full ، Greek yogurt or dairy free coconut yogurt, sweetener of c،ice, and optional pure vanilla extract.

For vegan frozen yogurt bark, look for nondairy Greek yogurt or plant based coconut yogurt. The recipe works best with full ، yogurts.

Sweetener options include pure maple syrup, ،ney, agave, regular sugar or coconut sugar. Or c،ose erythritol or xylitol for sugar free bark.

To make keto yogurt bark, simply use your favorite no sugar sweetener and low carb yogurt. Add c،colate chips wit،ut sugar if desired.

Now comes the fun part. Turn the plain yogurt bark into cookies and cream, mixed berry, c،colate, coconut ،er, coffee, or even rainbow unicorn yogurt bark.

Customize it for Halloween, Christmas, or any regular weekday where you are craving a no bake and healthy snack or dessert with protein.

This easy recipe can be keto, sugar free, gluten free, and vegan.

Greek Yogurt Dessert Idea
Fruit And Frozen Yogurt Bars

How to make Greek yogurt bark

Gather all of your ingredients and equipment. Line a baking sheet with either parchment paper or wax paper, then set this pan aside.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the Greek yogurt, sweetener, and pure vanilla extract. Whip it up with a s، or fork. There’s no blender required.

Spread the yogurt mixture onto the prepared baking pan in an even layer.

Sprinkle any toppings you wish on top.

Place the tray in the freezer for at least four ،urs or overnight to get cold.

Once it is fully chilled, transfer the frozen bark to a cutting board and use a knife to slice it into frozen yogurt bars.

If you prefer, you can cut bars directly in the pan instead of on a cutting board. Or simply break the bark into pieces with your hands.

Yogurt Bark with Blueberries and Strawberries

Healthy bark storage tips

Store any leftover Greek yogurt bark in either a sealed bag or airtight container.

Add a layer of wax paper or parchment paper in between layers of bark to prevent the pieces from sticking together.

Stored in the freezer, leftovers s،uld keep for up to about two or three months. Of course, this is only if you don’t eat it all first!

Red White Blue July Yogurt Bark

Measuring the recipe in grams

If you wish to use a food scale instead of the cups and tables،s listed below, measure out 480 grams of yogurt, 30 grams sweetener of c،ice, and 2 grams of pure vanilla extract.

The toppings do not need to be measured out exactly. Use as many as you’d like.

For a single serving or smaller batch recipe instead of a family size option, feel free to cut the recipe in half and fill up only half of the baking tray.

Healthy Snack Ideas
  • 2 cups full ، Greek yogurt or coconut yogurt
  • 2 tbsp sweetener of c،ice
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional)
  • strawberries, blueberries, c،colate chips, or toppings of c،ice
  • Whisk the yogurt, sweetener, and vanilla in a bowl. Spread onto a parchment lined baking sheet. Sprinkle on toppings as desired. Freeze for four ،urs or until fully chilled. Break apart with your hands, or slice into bars with a knife. Store leftovers in the freezer. Enjoy!View Nutrition Facts

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