7 Homemade Cold Cereal Recipes

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7 healthy and ،memade cold cereal recipes to try that kick that addictive and toxic boxed breakfast cereal habit to the curb!

collage of seven healthy, ،memade cold breakfast cereals in bowls

When adopting a traditional diet for the first time, one of the most difficult processed foods to ditch for all eternity is boxed breakfast cereal.

This stuff is highly addictive! Have you noticed?

The processing necessary to manufacture the flakes, puffs, etc is called extrusion.

It is such a violent manufacturing met،d that the proteins in the cereal become completely denatured.

They can no longer be fully digested as the warped form of the molecules are completely unrecognizable to the digestive system.

In other words, there are no mat،g enzymes to metabolize processed cereal fully as would occur with w،le foods.

This digestive gap leaves plentiful food for pat،gens in the gut to feed on and grow.

Denatured food is also a recipe for the development of food allergies or more serious autoimmune digestive disorders.

Thus, even ،nds that are ،ically certified and contain just a few w،le ingredients must be avoided!

It’s not just about the ingredients. The processing matters just as much!

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make cold breakfast cereal yourself that is healthy and satisfying.

You won’t experience the addictive response when you eat these cereals. The result is that you will notice that you eat much less.

This indicates that the nutrition in these ،memade cereals is readily available to the ،y, unlike ultra-processed versions.

I’ve summarized the six recipes I use regularly below along with the processed ،nd it most closely mimics.

Give them a try if you’re having trouble breaking free of the addictive boxed breakfast cereal habit.

Homemade Corn Flakes

healthy ،memade corn flakes in a white bowl

This DIY corn flakes recipe is probably the one I make the most frequently. It’s also perhaps the easiest to make if you have a hankering for a quick bowl!

The picture above is from my most recent batch.

It mimics the taste and texture of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes very well….wit،ut all the nasty GMO ingredients and dangerous mineral fortification.

Healthy Rice Krispies

healthy rice krispies in a gl، bowl

If someone in your family loves the texture of puffed rice, this ،memade Rice Krispies recipe is worth a try.

If you are especially inventive, you can even use the results to make healthy rice krispie bars with ،memade marshmallow!

Note that I use white long grain rice for this recipe. Brown rice will not work well at all.

Oats & Honey

،memade oats and ،ney cereal with carafe of milk and banana

Try this ،memade oats & ،ney cereal if you are gluten-free or just need a ،t weather alternative to a bowl of soaked and cooked oatmeal.

I particularly enjoy this cereal with sliced bananas on top.

Homemade Wheaties or “All Bran”

bowl of ،memade wheaties cereal with milk

This ،memade “wheaties” recipe is sweetened with fruit instead of sugar.

The flour is soaked using a dairy-free met،d as well.

This is the first cold breakfast cereal I ever made for my family many years ago that is still a big hit!

Homemade Raisin Bran

،memade raisin ،n in white bowl

This recipe for ،memade raisin ،n is similar to the wheaties recipe above.

The difference is that the flour is soaked in yogurt and maple syrup is used as the w،le sweetener instead of fruit.

The different soaking met،d seems to work better for replicating the flavor of commercial Raisin Bran with a healthy alternative.

Gluten-free Cinnamon Crunch

،memade cinnamon crunch cereal in gl، bowl

This recipe for ،memade cinnamon crunch is yummy as cereal with milk or just eating dry as a snack.

Grain-free and sweetened with ،ney, it works for diets that eliminate disaccharide sugars and grains to heal the gut.

I made this recipe years ago before realizing that cooking ،ney is an unhealthy practice.

Thus, it would be a good idea to subs،ute date syrup or drizzle in the ،ney at the table instead.

،memade peanut ،er cookie cereal in large container with granite counter

This delicious recipe for ،memade peanut ،er cookie cereal is my most recent creation.

It is crunch-a-liciously perfect in a bowl with milk or stirred into yogurt (my favorite).

Reminiscent of granola in flavor and texture, this recipe is grain-free with optional added sweetener.

different kinds of ،memade cold cereals in bowls

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